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Morning Docket: 01.27.22 – Above the Legislation

President Biden Arrives Back At The White House

(Photo by Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images)

* To the windows, to the wall, Biden’s infrastructure bill will help keep families’ homes the right temperature. [WXFRTV]

* Been having Rockwell flashbacks ever since Apple dropped those AirTags? Pennsylvania’s got your back. [iMore]

* Has the recent flood of old Pyrex in thrift stores made you think about estate planning? Here are a few tips from an elder law attorney for getting your affairs in order. [WGN Radio]

* Biden’s executive order just made it easier to punish sexual assault in the military. About damn time. [WSJ]

* Virginia just passed Adam’s Law, which will require colleges and universities to publicly post hazing incidents in student organizations. Three cheers for informed decisions! [NBC]

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