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While Brown has yet to issue any official statement on the allegations, he did claim “they” were out to get him.

A California woman has filed a lawsuit accusing rap artist Chris Brown of drugging and raping her on a yacht in 2020.

According to NBC News, the woman—identified only by the pseudonym Jane Doe—claims she met Brown in December of the same year.

Doe, a professional choreographer and music artist from Los Angeles, said she was talking on FaceTime with a friend when Brown took the friend’s phone and “told her that he had heard about her music and urged her to head over to Diddy’s home on Star Island as soon as possible.”

After reaching Diddy’s home, the woman was instructed to board a yacht. On board, Brown quickly offered her a drink, then began discussing Doe’s music career.

However, after she started on a second drink, Doe began to feel a “sudden, unexplained change in consciousness.”

Her lawsuit now accuses Brown of “acting with the intent to cause harmful or offensive contact when he drugged Plaintiff Jane Doe’s drink.”

Assorted pills; image by PublicDomainPictures, via
Assorted pills; image by PublicDomainPictures, via

“Plaintiff Jane Doe felt disoriented, physically unstable, and started to fall in and out of sleep,” the lawsuit states. “Defendant Chris Brown then led a drugged, half-sleep [sic] Plaintiff Jane Doe down a corridor and into a bedroom.”

Brown closed the door and “barred Plaintiff Jane Doe’s attempt to leave, threw Plaintiff Jane Doe on a bad, removed her bikini bottoms, started kissing her.”

While Doe was allegedly half-asleep, Brown “ignored” her requests to stop before raping her.

After announcing that he was “done,” Brown told the woman she could contact him to speak about her career.

The woman purportedly kept in touch with Brown after the assault; on another occasion, while visiting Brown’s house, the singer became “loud and irate” after Doe refused his request to go to a bedroom upstairs.

Doe is now suing for $20 million in damages, claiming sexual battery and rape, false imprisonment, emotional distress, and violation of gender violence statutes.

Although Brown has yet to release official comment on the incident, he did create an Instagram post in which he suggested that, every time he tries to release “music or projects […] ‘THEY’ try to pull” something.

Doe’s attorney, George Vrabeck, told NBC News he does not know who Brown meant when he said “they.”

“Ariel Mitchell and I are attorneys representing a young woman that was raped,” he said. “Come on, we’re not the Illuminati.”

“We intend to hold ALL parties accountable so that we might begin to eradicate this behavior from our society.”


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